*ONLINE ONLY* Extra Select Ground Sanitising Powder 2.5kg


Extra Select ground Sanitising Powder.

A disinfecting, drying and de-odorising powder for Chicken coops and runs.

Can be liberally applied at a rate of around 50g per square metre.  Birds should be removed from the treatment area but can be returned within a couple of minutes. Can be applied to all areas that have a build up of droppings.

This PH neutral, plant fibre based disinfecting powder is suitable for all poultry enclosures.

Ground sanitising powder is highly absorbent eliminating the habitat of bacteria, parasites, viruses and fly larvae.

As well as disinfecting this powder also prevents also prevents the smell of ammonia and suppresses dust, it is also anti adhesive meaning that it can easily be swept and washed away when required, whats more this has no negative effect on manure production.