*ONLINE ONLY* Natures Menu Frozen Poultry Breast Chunks 1kg


Our super healthy Poultry Breast Chunks are 100% natural, human grade and ethically sourced. A tasty lean protein that's easily digested and rich in natural nutrients. Bone free and an excellent alternative to beef. Use as training treat or within home prepared raw meals.

92 kcal/100g

Suitable to feed to animals over 10 weeks of age. Chewing can help induce a state of calm in dogs and feeding raw meaty bones is an important element of a raw die Our range of meaty bones and chewing meats are carefully selected to accommodate dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds. Serve as a treat 1-3 times a week or as part of a home prepared raw meal.

Ingredients: 100% Chicken Breast

Crude Protein 23.5%, Crude Fat 1%, Crude Ash 1.1%, Crude Fibres <1%, Moisture 74%