Indoor Aquatics (Live food delivery Tuesday and Thursday*)
Fish foods (including dried, frozen & live), disease treatments, tank decorations (including live plants), filters, heaters, plant feeds plus much more.

Caged Bird Supplies

Caged bird feeds, cages, treats, toys, and accessories.

Cat Supplies


Cat food, flea and worming treatments, cat litter, collars, toys, treats and accessories.

Tropical & Coldwater Fish     



Regular deliveries of tropical and coldwater fish. All of our fish are quarantined for at least 48 hours prior to going on sale. Customer orders taken, subject to terms and conditions and wholesaler availability.

Dog Supplies



Dog foods (including frozen foods), flea and worming treatments, collars, toys, treats, and accessories.

Pond Fish (Seasonal)

Regular deliveries in season of outdoor pond fish including Koi, Goldfish, Tench, Orfe plus many more. Customer orders taken, subject to terms and conditions and wholesaler availability.

Pond Supplies (Seasonal)

Pond fish foods, treatments, filters, pumps, liners, hose and accessories.

Poultry & Smallholding Supplies

Poultry feeds, feeders, drinkers, grits, treatments and much more.




A selection of reptiles, examples including (subject to availability) bearded dragons, leopard geckos, crested geckos, corn snakes, royal pythons, tortoises and various frogs and invertebrates. Please ring/email or Facebook message first to check current availability. Customer orders taken subject to terms and conditions and wholesaler availabilty. All of our reptiles (except invertebrates) are quarantined for at least 48 hours prior to sale.

Reptile Supplies (Live Food delivery Tuesday and Thursday*)

We receive twice weekly deliveries of reptile live foods including crickets, locusts, mealworms (standard and giant), morio worms, waxworms, and small worms. Also, reptile foods, substrates, decoration, supplements, heat bulbs, UVB lighting and accessories. We are also able to order in reptile vivaria, terraria, and tortoise tables and other reptile live foods such as pachnoda grubs, calci worms, and dubia roaches.

Small Animal Supplies


Small animals feeds, bedding, cages, treats, toys, and accessories.

Wild Bird Supplies

Wild bird feeds including seed mixes, peanuts, sunflower hearts, black sunflower seeds, and fat balls.

If there is something that we do not keep in store that you would like, please ask us about our customer ordering service. We will do our best to source what you need from our wide range of suppliers (subject to terms and conditions)

* Bank holiday delivery arrangements from wholesalers may vary.